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VIP Priority Alert is a new service ConstruCorp is proud to offer to its customers.  It is an emergency response program to help get your business up and running again as quickly as possible after a disaster. When the unexpected happens (hurricane, flooding, fire, and more), Priority Alert customers benefit from preferential service.  You can be certain that all necessary steps are taken immediately, with no delay. 

As ConstruCorp is a veteran disaster recovery provider, we can quickly assess your situation and take the necessary steps to get you safe, secure, and running.  When disaster strikes, you don't want to waste valuable time coordinating the immediate response measures; instead you can focus all energy on restarting operations and keeping the business going.

Joining our VIP Priority Alert list is easy.  Just contact ConstruCorp today for a quote based on your specific needs.  Registrants are given priority service in the order registration contracts are signed and received. 

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